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Spam and Network Abuse Policy:

Customer privacy is important to us. All customer information is confidentially handled. It is not sold nor released to any third parties except to the extent necessary to complete the order.

Customers shall not nor shall they permit nor assist others to abuse or fraudulently use this website. Abuse and fraudulent use includes but is not limited to: Sending unsolicited email, obtaining or attempting to obtain products with the intent to avoid payment, unauthorized access or any attempt to alter customer information or delivery instructions, knowingly engaging in any activities that will cause a denial of service (e.g., profanity), attempting to interfere with the network, and or violating any law or aiding in any unlawful act.

Customer communications may be released in our defense in any case where slander, libel or any illegal action may have been committed by the customer or end user.

We reserve the right to terminate the account of an offending customer or take other action as we deem appropriate without notice.

See complete Ordering Policy: Ordering Policy